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High Heat and Keeping Your 4-Legged Furry Companions Safe

High Heat and Keeping Your 4-Legged Furry Companions Safe

The summer is now here, and humans won't be the only ones sweating it out.

Pet owners need to keep their four legged companion furends cool during the Summer to ward of dehydtration and heatstroke. Providing extra water and shade is the key to keeping your pets safe and healthy.

Using fans on and dropping a few ice cubes in their water bowls can be good methods of keeping the heat in check. Another way to keep them cool would be to use a pet neck wrap cooling device. The cooling neck wrap prevents heat related complications while regulating proper body temperature when needed.

Keep dogs off hot sidewalks and pavement while on long or short walks during the morning or evening. Leaving your furry companions outside alone can also put them at risk of dehydration and heatstroke.

Again, never leave your pet alone inside your car. With a little help, pets can handle these hot days right by your side.




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