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Are you ready to collaborate and strategically partner with a business like us? If so, keep reading. Great opportunity for businesses that offer products and services such as food, medical, grooming, training, pet sitting, dog walking, shelters and much more!

At the end of Dec 2017, Pet Stop Store was launched purely based around our love for our Red Toy poodle Kenji Kingston! Pet Stop Store is for those unapologetic pet parents that want to pamper them with unique products while giving them lots of love. Pet Stop Store is a brand that represents style.  We are all about caring for our loyal companions in style and providing quality products that's not just reserved for humans.


Pet Stop Store offers unique pet products from Mercedes BenzSniffanyChewy Vuiton beds, to Ladies Heel feeding bowlsArgyle Sweaters to designer inspired Toys. In addition, Pet Stop Store has a quarterly Adopt a Furend Scholarship giveaway! Pet Stop Store gives away 1K in pet products (e.g. collar, leash, beds, toys, apparel, etc) to dog parents that have adopted their fur babies. Outside of the scholarship, Pet Stop Store has also given away beds, customized tote bags and pillows. We donate 10% monthly to the ASPCA and offer an Influencer program that allows for people to generate cash flow. 


We currently market in the following ways: