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2018 4th of July Safety for Your Furry Companions

Posted by Pet Stop Store on

4th of July 2018 is soon approaching, and you and your neighbors may be celebrating with fireworks.

Although you and your family may enjoy fireworks, they aren't quite as fun for our 4-legged companions, who may be terrified of the loud sounds.

Here are some tips to keep your furends safe and anxiety free during the loud celebrations. You might even consider giving them a little snuggle buddy with a heartbeat to ensure they don't feel alone.

Signs of fireworks anxiety:
• Shaking, trembling
• Excessive drooling
• Refusing to eat food
• Barking, howling
• Accidents in the house

Pet safety tips:
• Keep pets home and indoors
• Provide a safe place in the home
• Use a leash or carrier
• Make sure pet ID is current

Don't let your pet furend become a runaway during this 4th of July's festivities!


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