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List of Dogs to NOT Travel With

List of Dogs to NOT Travel With 0

If you like to travel, you probably think that your dog will want to go with you on your next adventure. However, not all dog breeds make a good travel buddy.

In fact, some dogs don't make fun travelers, no matter how much you prepare. Some dogs don't sit still, breathe well and are even banned from some airlines. Others are prone to motion sickness, anxiety and paranoia. Heck, some dogs are just too darn big to be a good travel companion when flying.

Check out the list of dog breeds that are better left at home.

1. Chihuahua
2. Dachshunds
3. Maltese
4. Toy Poodle
5. Yorkie
6. French Bull Dog
7. English Bulldog
8. American Bulldog
9. Pug
10. Pitbull
11. Cane Corso
12. Fila Brasilerio
13. Doberman Pinscher
14. Rottweiler
15. Puppies of any breed

Did your dog make the cut? If so, what's your dog breed?
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17 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Lifestyle

17 Best Dog Breeds for Apartment Lifestyle 0

Our dogs are our best friends, whether we live in the burbs or city. But some of the most popular dog breeds in the USA feel more comfortable at home with a backyard than an apartment in the city. It's not about the size of your home that matters. It's really more so about how often your dog will get to run around outside. We've all experienced hearing a barking dog when living in an apartment. You want a dog that will stay calm when meeting new people in halls, elevators and stairs.

The only way to start your dog ownership off on the right foot, is by selecting the best dog for your lifestyle and space. Check out the best dog breeds that'll be to share space in your apartment.

1.  Mastiff
2.  Greyhound
3.  Pekingese
4.  Tibetan Spaniel
5.  Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
6.  French Bulldog
7.  Bulldog
8.  Pug
9.  Havanese
10. Lhasa Apso
11. Miniature or Toy Poodle
12. Scottish Terrier
13. Tibetan Terrier
14. Beagle
15. Bichon Frise
16. Yorkshire Terrier
17. Great Dane

Did your dog make the list? 

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These States Protect Their Pets the Most

These States Protect Their Pets the Most 0

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) has finally released its annual Animal Protection Laws Rankings Report highlighting the best and worst US states and territories when it comes to protecting animals.

The rankings are based on 19 aspects of animal protection and they've included 5 new categories:
  1. the definition of “animal” 
  2. courtroom animal advocate programs
  3. laws that allow individuals to rescue dogs from hot parked cars
  4. civil nuisances abatement
  5. breed-specific legislation
The Best and the Worst
The following states ranked as the 5 worst when it comes to protecting their animals:

Five Worst States
  • New Mexico
  • Wyoming
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Kentucky
At the other end of the spectrum, Illinois has remained at the top of the US rankings.

Five Best States
  • Illinois
  • Oregon
  • Maine
  • Colorado
  • Massachusetts
Let's hope that with the continued publication of these rankings, states like Kentucky will pull it together.
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Did your pets name make the popular list?

Did your pets name make the popular list? 0

Pets at Home has been asking pet-lovers to share their pets name for their annual survey and here are the results.

Most popular names for dogs:
  • Bella
  • Poppy
  • Lola
  • Alfie
  • Charlie
Most popular names for cats:
  • Luna
  • Bella
  • Milo
  • Loki
  • Gizmo

What's your pets name? Did they make the list?

blog photo credit: @sirbronx.missjersey on Instagram


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