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Traveling with Your Pet - Pet Stop Store Edition

Traveling with Your Pet - Pet Stop Store Edition

Going on a vacation, whether it’s a simple night of camping or exploring the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, can be a rewarding experience. But what about your pet? Leaving them at home or at a kennel during your trip is just doesn’t feel right. After all, family trips mean the whole family, including the furry members. So why not take your pet along for the journey?

There are few experiences better than exploring the natural wonders of the Grand Canyon or other such locations alongside your best friend. However, before you make reservations at pet-friendly campgrounds or National Park hotels, you have to be properly prepared to ensure a safe, stress-free time for you and your fur baby.

You should research online and see if there are any rules or restrictions for pets in the national park you plan on visiting. Many require that you keep your pet collared and leashed at all times, with leashes needing to be less than 6-feet long. If so, you can find several luxury leashes and collars in our National Park Pet Collection that fit within most of these regulations.

When going on hikes, you know you’re going to pack water and snacks for yourself, so make sure you bring enough for your pet as well. Keep in mind that bottle filling stations aren’t always available and bottled water might not be readily for sale, so bring plenty of drinkable water for you and your pet to stay hydrated throughout your trip. You can get some collapsible, water-resistant dog food bowls at Pet Stop Store so your pet can properly snack and get rehydrated without taking up too much space in your backpack.

You want quality rest after a full day of hiking and traveling, right? Well, so does your pet. Make sure to bring along a luxury dog bed to stick inside your tent or lay on the hotel floor so your pet can get a quality night of sleep. Pet beds can help keep your furry friend warm and comfy at night, away from the cold hard ground or floor.

With the proper equipment, preparations, and supplies, you can have a fully enjoyable trip with everyone’s tails wagging with excitement.

Instagram Follower @kylothedragon meets the Grand Canyon                 
[Instagram Follower @kylothedragon Meets the Grand Canyon]


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