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Should I Adopt a Bulldog?

Should I Adopt a Bulldog?

Hi there readers and hopefully new dog owners, I’m Eiffion Ashdown. I’m the owner and creator of Collectibulldogs. Pet Stop Store has asked me to share my expertise about bulldogs and the importance of adopting one. Please note this is my subject of knowledge as I have adopted two myself and I’m part of a large bulldog family.

I’m going to be truthful in my writing as it wouldn’t be fair to not give all of the facts and somebody or even a dog gets hurt due to making a bad decision. This comes from my personal experience where I have taken on a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, that within two hours of being home was locked in our bathroom for my safety.

The Staffie was fine at the kennel, but must of felt something, maybe even fear when I took her home. In hindsight, I felt it was me with the issue because my older brother had no problems at all with her and ended up taking her on himself.


Let’s start with the obvious CAN YOU AFFORD ONE? I mean no offense, but I see day after day on Twitter the GoFundMe pages where someone received a vet bill so high; they could not afford to pay it themselves. Therefore, I would be wrong not to mention this. It even goes for bulldogs paid for by a breeder that didn't anticipate unexpected expenses. 


Where you start depends very much on the country that you live in. I work with Bulldog Rescue here in the U.K. and there is also the Edward Foundation. For more information; both have Facebook accounts. If you are located in the United Sates, there are many rescue centers crying out for help with posts on social media platforms that bring a tear to one's eye.

This is why in the long run you should adopt a bulldog. Especially if you see those posts of poor puppies begging for their lives and they are not even three months old. I’m here not to be bias, because I love bulldogs so much, but to simply explain the importance of WHY THE BULLDOG BREED is a good choice to adopt and bring into your home. 


A year or so after I created collectibulldogs.com I also created a world class museum exhibition status collection. "I love them so much!" Sadly, my first bulldog  passed away. She had chronic asthma. One Sunday, a massive attack took my best friend away from me. She wasn’t just my best friend; she was my anxiety dog too.

In my bulldog world, Facebook put together an offer. I was offered two different puppies from Ethical Breeder's Dog Association. This amazing offer got turned down. All I wanted was my dear Scruffy Louise back. All dogs love to play but, bulldogs just want to be your friend and be as close as possible.

Around ten months, we felt it time to take on a new housemate. Again Facebook came to our aid. I didn't even need to have to use the rescue center. We got offered a five year old Ocobo registered bulldog called Delilah, but after I talked to her and the back end of her body responded, she soon got the name Wiggles.

Wiggles is quite chunky, for a female bulldog. It’s part of the Ocobo bulldog DNA. You can find a group on Facebook run by my friend and world judge, Mr. N Davis whom created this section of the bulldog breed. I only mention this breed of bulldog, because it seems to have gone out the window with the adding of new colors and silly mix-ups which end up costing the dog owner down the line.


The first part is obvious, they are extremely cute and stay that way from puppy until they are full grown. They are as loyal as the larger sized breeds, but you may find you’ve adopted a bulldog that’s all mouth. This is great! It shows the dog is being protective, but knows boundaries. They don’t chase balls at the park after a certain young age. They would rather sit with you looking all regal with that lean stance.

Feeding is cheap. Would you believe that bulldogs have tiny little bellies and a dinner or breakfast depending on how you bring up your Bulldog normally sends them back to sleep like a baby. Speaking of sleep, they do that quite a lot. Which is understandable when your head weighs nearly as much as your body. They love chin rests and the more lap dog they can be, they will try.

Fun loving and dependable is what you will receive from this breed. Please and I mean please do as much research as possible. Once you’ve found a bulldog that has melted your heart; you will love them! Bulldogs are a specialized breed and as mentioned earlier not all breeders are ethical. That pup that was first brought then from a shelter may have underlining issues so find out as much information as you can about the dog's previous living environment and how it was treated by the owner.

A great dog rescue service would of had the dog see the vet before putting them in a new home. You as the new owner need to be prepared to ask many questions about your new adopted dog (remember my Staffie) until you feel satisfied that you can take this pet home, even with all of the requirements to start a safe sound relationship with your new pet.


Feed them of course. lol

Bulldogs only need an average size meal and whether you’ve picked a stubborn bulldog or not, most will eat when they want to. Our bulldog Wiggles has gone a day without her food, just through pure laziness. Then my wife gets mushy and starts feeding her in her bed.

Without a vet's help, a normal routine should consist of 3 to 5 minute walks a day, every day. The feeding is entirely up to you based on the owner and the research you’ve done about your new adopted bulldog. We feed Wiggles a kibble called Dr. Jon’s Platinum. The bulldog breed is pretty low maintenance, but you do have to make sure that their nails get trimmed on a regular basis. If you thought picking up after your pet was messy, wait until you get a bulldog and have to clean the face wrinkles.


This message from me to you today is to share why I have a love for bulldogs, my real life experiences with a bulldog and my reasons for adopting a bulldog. No matter what breed you select, before you buy a dog or a cat, please adopt one. You save a life from being euthanized in a shelter. Consider adopting before lining someone’s pockets with your hard earned money. Adopting a new pet and bringing it into your home is a wonderful thing to do! You will see it back tenfold just in the dog's eye alone.

We all know what happens to these beautiful creatures if people don’t act with compassion for another life. It is extremely unfair considering these animals have been man's protector and loyal friend since the days of woolly mammoths. I’ll leave you with this... I’m BULLDOG FOR LIFE!

All I’m asking is that you would adopt instead of shop for your new companion. Choose a breed to adopt and cherish your new found furry friend! 

Pet Stop Store is encouraging people to give back by helping to save a life with their Adopt a Pet Furend Scholarship Giveaway. The upcoming giveaway begins April 1st 2018. It gives pet owners the opportunity to participate in this giveaway for a chance to win all of the necessities needed for their furry companion to adjust in their new home valued at a $1,000 dollars.

Sign up and save a life today.

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  • Eiffion Ashdown uk
    Eiffion Ashdown uk

    We at https://www.collectibulldogs.com have been championing this breed from the first day we fell in love with one so much so I now own the worlds largest private collection of all things bulldog. You don’t have to go this far but please consider adopting and start using the well known #AdoptDontShop all one word. Thank you again

    Best wishes

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