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Pushing Pencils with Pets in the Office Makes an Interesting Day

Pushing Pencils with Pets in the Office Makes an Interesting Day

Let’s be honest, work can be a drag. If you aren’t stressed trying to make deadlines, assisting your customers, or making phone calls to clients, you’re probably fatigued by boredom and the general malaise at your job. Do you know what would perk you back up? A warm hug from a furry friend, fresh from her nap on a luxury dog bed.

More and more workplaces are allowing employees bring their pets to work or having a designated “office pet” to roam around the office. A well-behaved, friendly dog or cat can not only help boost morale at the workplace, but help visitors be at ease as well. There are several benefits to bringing a dog carrier bag with your pooch to work.

Comfort to the Workplace

Depending on where you work, a pet can bring a sense of comfort to your job. If you work at a place where emotions can run high, such as a funeral home or a family lawyer practice, a furry friend that approaches clientele with a dog toy can help ease tension. A four-legged friend looking for a hug can help customers and clients get some relief from grief.

A pet at work not only brings comfort to visitors coming in and out at the office, but the workers themselves. A rough day becomes a little easier when you get a loving lick from the office pup and take her out for a quick walk with her collar and dog leash.

Bringing Coworkers Together

Having an office pet isn’t just a comforting presence, but it unites everyone in the workplace. Coworkers with nothing in common can break the ice and reach common ground through conversation about their interactions with the dog or kitty. If you have an official office pet, it’s an additional responsibility shared among everyone at work to keep their furry coworker fed, go for walks, and keep the office stocked with unique pet products. Roger in HR and Dolly in Accounts Receivable probably wouldn’t connect much at work if it wasn’t for little Rascal popping in and out of their offices.


Adds Fun to the Work Day

Pet owners want to bring their pets to their work for the same reason they have them at home: they’re fun. Doing data entry is a bit more enjoyable when a nose starts to nuzzle on your leg. Having a pet around the workplace helps it feel more “homey” and adds an additional spark that breaks up the monotony of the work day. While taking proper care of a pet is a challenge, it provides some welcomed fun and unconditional love into the typically cold working world.


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