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Pet Stop Store's Mug Shot Giveaway WINNER Amanda Eagan Shares her PRIZES

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Congratulations again to Amanda Eagan of Auburn Washington! She's the WINNER of Pet Stop Store's Mugshot Giveaway! Amanda emailed this picture of her pet Otter, to put on her prize of the custom coffee mug and tote bag. We loved the picture of Otter so much that we thought it would be fun to send her a throw pillow too.

Pet Stop Store's Mug Shot Giveaway WINNER Amanda Eagan Shares her PRIZES

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A BIG Thank You to everyone that participated in this giveaway. #teampetstopstore

If you fancy Amanda's winnings, know that you can own a throw pillow, custom Tote Bag of your dog or feline companion too.  Simply email your contact info to help@petstopstore.com and let us know what you want.

Also, if you're a pet parent that adopted your furry companion, you can now participate in Pet Stop Store's Adopt a Pet Furend Quarterly Scholarship Giveaway program.

Pet Stop Store would like to offer pet parents the opportunity to focus more on care, safety and providing a loving environment for their new FUREND.

We want to help ease the financial stress of purchasing pet necessities by showing you our appreciation with a Thank You for saving a pet’s life scholarship prize valued at a $1,000 dollars. 




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