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If You Could, Would You CLONE Your Fur Baby for 100K?

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Did you know that celebrity actress and singer Barbara Streisand cloned her beloved dog? She recently made the news not because of her singing, dancing or acting, but because it was brought to light that two of her dogs, Violet and Scarlett were cloned. Yes, you read right! Both dogs were cloned from the cells of another one of her dogs, Samantha, who passed away at 14. There's no guarantee her clone would have Samantha's exact personality, but with the help of a South Korean researcher who specializes in the practice and 100K later, Miss Streisand was able to clone her loyal companion.

Pic Courtesy of Facebook Follower Suzanne Grubb ... Frenchbull Dog Harvey....

Pic Courtesy of Facebook Fan Suzanne Grubb-French bulldog Harvey

Pet adoption advocates were aghast. After all, there are many non-GMO dogs looking to be sheltered and loved, right?

Now, the big questions is ... Would you clone your fur baby if you had the cash and access to the South Korean researcher or do you believe that death is an important part of life? The reason human beings love so hard is because we know that it's a limited-time offer, right? Should we mess this process up or would you prefer to pick your forever 'furends' fur out of your clothes after he/she passes until the day you die?Would you clone your fur baby if you had the cash and access to the South Kore

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