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Earn Passive Income as a Pet Product Affiliate for Pet Stop Store

Earn Passive Income as a Pet Product Affiliate for Pet Stop Store
What is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing in which a business (Pet Stop Store) rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate's own marketing efforts (ex. text links or banner ads).


There's two main components of Affiliate Marketing that you need to know.


  1. Banner Placement will Increase Conversions
  2. Always Make Anchor Text Affiliate Links Relevant to Your Website or Blog

Displaying Pet Stop Store banners and links on your website in a relevant nature will improve conversion rates. Poorly placed or generic anchor text links have poor click-through rate.

Below are examples of text linking that prove to be successful:

Generic text links and banner ads, such as: “Pet Beds” or “Pet Toys” are neither eye-catching nor effective at creating sales. If your website, or a specific blog posting, deals with Bedding – then all links to Pet Stop Store should be Bed-specific AND link to Pet Stop Store’s Beds and Blanket collection page rather than linking to the homepage. A link like this placed within a website or page dedicated to “Bedding for the Pampered Pet” can easily lead to thousands of extra dollars each year. In fact, successful Affiliate Partners won’t link to the Pet Stop Store Homepage – they use a combination of Banners and text links to deep link to product specific  and collection pages.  See product specific banner examples text link and banner below.

Product specific text link below:

G7 Jogger Stroller for Pets 

Product specific Banner Ad below:   

The following are more affiliate text links that would work well with trying to promote the G7 Pet Stroller.

  • Don't leave your senior dog behind
  • Easily take your pet to events or large gatherings
  • Vet Visits Made Easy
  • Pet recovering from surgery made easy
  • Injured dogs can walk too


    Banner Ads – Banners are an eye-catching way to promote Pet products and promotions. Don’t overload the senses – keep your website or blog page simple and clean and only pick banners that relate to the content you provide.

    Product Links – You can always link directly to specific product, collection and promotion (see banner above)

    Top Affiliate Partners will place Pet Stop Store banner ads or text links in their email marketing campaigns.

    Examples of top converting emails for Pet Stop Store:

    Specials: Newsletter marketing focused on special offers and promotions.

    - Seasonal Marketing: Include seasonal Pet Stop Store products in season-specific emails (ex. winter pet apparel)


    Where You CAN Use Your Affiliate Links and Banner Ads.

    1. Your own website or blog
    2. Your own social media channels feeds (and some profiles - Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.)
    3. On your personal Facebook page and on your business Facebook page 
    4. In YouTube descriptions
    5. In live-streaming broadcasts

    Okay -- ready to take our Affiliate Partner program for a spin and make some cash?  Sign Up Now!

    Pet Stop Store donates 10% to the ASPCA.  They're the National Leader in the areas of rescue, adoption and welfare, and we're happy to know that our donation will help fight cruelty and make a life-changing difference for animals across America.

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