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Do You Know Your Pets Personality?

Do You Know Your Pets Personality?

Do you talk to your pet like it was a friend? Does your pet “talk" to you? How does your pet communicate with you about its wants and needs? Can you predict or anticipate what your pet wants or needs? Would you agree that your pet definitely has a personality that's all its own. 

Personality is something that we usually attribute to other humans, right? Pets can be much more than just happy or sad, though. Like humans, they can display a variety of personality types or traits.

So how does your pet like to play? Play, by definition, is fun. Play is a pleasurable activity in which pets engage in behaviors that aren't quite part of the immediate business of life. See the FIVE personality types below and leave a comment by sharing your pets name, breed and personality type. Go a step further and email a pic of your furry companion to be featured on Pet Stop Store's Facebook & Instagram

  • Pets who like to Tug-of-War and Play Fetch
  • Pets who like to Play Dress-Up
  • Pets who like to play Hide-and-Seek
  • Pets who like to be Challenged
  • Pets who like to Chew, Chew and Chew some more
  • Pets who like to Go Ridin'
  • Pets who like to Look Good While Sleeping

    Pet Stop Store donates 10% to the ASPCA.  They're the National Leader in the areas of rescue, adoption and welfare, and we're happy to know that our donation will help fight cruelty and make a life-changing difference for animals across America.

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